Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Would YOU grumble .... ?

Would YOU grumble if your phone company suddenly cut off your phone without warning, explanation or reasonable cause? What if there was plenty of money in the account concerned but the company decided to just take that money for themselves and give you nothing in return? That's what Telstra did to my mobile phone service.

The money is trivial of course. I have already bought myself a new cellphone for $60 and all I really needed was a new sim card. But the inconvenience of finding your phone cut off just when you had a need for it is great. And there is the great bother of giving out the new number to those who may want to contact me.

Telstra still have the arrogance of the government department that they once were.

No doubt there is something in the acres of small print that they hit you with that does in their mind permit their excrable behaviour in this matter but the courts have increasingly recognized that the average consumer cannot be expected to hire a lawyer every time he signs something and there are now in many jurisdictions provisions to overturn "unconsciencable" contracts. There is certainly such a provision in NSW, where Telstra is headquartered.

So this could be an interesting battle. This blog is only one avenue for pursuing the battle. It will cost them heaps in executive time at least if they do not back down promptly.

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