Sunday, December 16, 2007

An amusing victory

One of the weirder features of Telstra's BigBlog service was that it would not let you mention the name of Telstra itself. Their blogging software actually told you that "Telstra" was a "naughty" word. I kid you not. I had to modify the name as T*lstra to get the blogging software to pass it. I was of course most derisive about that and in my post of 4th (See below) I called them "sick puppies" over it.

It seems that the rhinoceros hide of Telstra does have its vulneralbilities and "sick puppies" was one epithet too far for them. In my last couple of posts on Bigblog, I did not encounter that barrier. I was able to use the unmodified name. They have obviously caved in and modified their software.

Getting intelligence out of them is a huge task but it can be done -- very slowly. Their BigBlog product may even be usable one day.


Anonymous said...

Telstra Biglog....where do I start I have an extra 100MB set up to be used on my account and what happens zilch. I deleted all of my posts and now cannot post at all. do they perhaps not like me objecting to their tech recorded message that is supposed to recognise your is all so frustrating and inefficient a sthey keep cutting down on people to answer their phones:L I was going to leav eth einfo for people to complain to the minister for communications but ....what the heck they will continue to keep treating Austrlains like cattle...or ditital blobs and I very much doubt there is anything like a privacy policy with the techs blogging as well and I suspect tranferring personal info. to their favourites via email.Privacy indeed what a joke.!!!!

Anonymous said...

.Now I am not one to complain*smile* but believe it or not there has been no solution to my problem with Telstra Bigblog.I am still being billed for the extra 100MB.and am entitled to 12MB free space which shows clearly in my storage stats .I have twice spoken to the woman at Bigblog over the last two weeks But still I cannot post. A message comes up saying I have exceeded my storage space.Please excuse me if I sound paranoid;but now my email won't work either and my password also since I spoke to a Tech today and he changed it to another password that did not work either.Now neither of them work. I am locked out of my Bigpond Mail as well. Oh The stress and inconvenience. Tele communications down under is a real crock. If you will excuse me for saying so.I may get some satisfaction in three of four days he told me.Thanks so much Telstra.
As far as I can tell I have done nothing untoward in my posts at least they could tell me if I have,but what? In anycase this is not a very good service and Telstra should get more people to work for them on phones I think instead of those awful voice recognition recordings.
Funny up until now I have had a good run with Telstra what is going wrong? Needs attention that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

I see my last post isn't through yet.Well Telstra came through for me this morning at so at least my email is working again and I must say that is a relief.So thanks Telstra.
He sounded a little bit under the pump so I would guess there were a few others with these problems he had to fix too.As for big blog I decided it was a huge waste of time anyway who cares.
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Well,talk about frustration!!
Apparently I can be helped to SHUT my account but not actually get some help with a MyConnect(there's a misnomer for a start!!)problem.
Since They transferred my Webmail to this service (that contains mostly "features" that I will not need) I have lost my address book/contacts list and have been trying for nearly two weeks to get it back.
I have sent several messages through the "contact us" section on both the BigPond and telstra sites and have only had the automated reply. I was brave enough to try ringing and it would be soooo nice if the "person" actually asked a relevant question pertinent to my problem,but since "he" didn't I got put through to the Phillipines where I was told that it would be four days(it had already been a week!!) and still NO satisfaction.
I would just like someone to ring or email me(if it can get through!!) and let me know that my problem is actually being dealt with...