Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Call back later"

Francis Croydon
CEO's Office
Locked Bag 6595
Sydney, NSW, 2001

Dear Francis

I can't believe it. I TRIED to have my latest problem addressed at a lower level than the CEO's office but all I got when I phoned Telstra was the notorious: "We have more calls than usual. Call back later" message. So what do I do? If the phone book had given the address for the Qld State manager I would have written to him. But all I had available was unanswered phone lines. Do YOU think that is a good thing? Does Mr Trujillo want his office to be the first port of call for complaints? Quite insane.

Anyway here is my problem: I refer to my mobile no. 0448285691. It is a prepaid card and it suddenly went from being in plenty of credit to zero without my using it and without warning. It seems likely that someone has hacked into the number.

I would be obliged to receive a list of all calls since last topup, complete with the charge and duration for each call. I may have to change to another provider if this cannot be resolved

Yours etc
Dr John Ray