Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Corporate anger avoidance

Telstra generates nationwide anger because of their arrogance and incompetence. So what is their response to that? A healthy organism would try to fix whatever is causing the trouble -- but Telstra is not healthy. What they do instead is take all sorts of steps to block their ears.

Perhaps most amusing is that on their BigBlog blogs, any mention of their name or the name of their Bigpond subsidiary is banned. If I include their full name, the blog post will show an error and will not go up. I have sometimes managed to get away with posting their full name but I have not yet worked out what the loophole is.

Can you imagine a company that does NOT want publicity? It's because Telstra knows how bad that publicity will be that they try to suppress it. Not remotely clever.

And the ostrich philosophy extends right to their letterheads. Note the blowup from one of their letters below. The phone no. there is false. Last time I rang it I got a "wrong number" response. And the letterhead below came from the office of the CEO of the company!

They really are sick puppies.

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