Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blogs + Google = publicity

I have been a bit grouchy with Google being slow to archive stuff on occasions but I like their coverage of this site. If you input the two search terms:
Trujillo Bigpond

You get this very blog SECOND on the list that Google gives you! Senor Trujillo may not like what I say about him and his company but he is going to have to deal with the fact that Google-users will be reading it! It's unlikely to bother him in the slightest, however. After getting to be boss of Telstra despite his "problematical" record in the USA, he probably feels invulnerable. He should beware of hubris however. They even got Al Capone eventually.

Just for fun, here is the TOP entry that the same Google search returns (With spelling and punctuation cleaned up):

After being with Bigpond for years -- I've had dailup for years -- it was ridiculous, horrible, slow, downloads at 1-3kbps!

So I wanted to get ADSL, 1.5 mbps sounds great, even better came with 12gb of usage!

It was available at my address, but I inquired about how good wireless was. They were saying how great it was. Then I checked the availability thing again. ADSL wasn't available and wireless appeared on the top of the list. Ridiculous, how ever the horrible staff do this, it is ridiculous. They said it was fully available but then they said that I could only get wireless, and now I am paying $149.95 per month for 1.5mb/384kb with 3gb usage. Thats right, three-gigabytes-of-usage. I cannot survive with 3gb of usage. Even worse, Bigpond is the only ISP with an exchange here. Now I am stuck with a stupid ISP with rip-off plans, slow speeds, faulty usage meter and lousy Bigpond staff.

This is all I am going to say. Don't even think about considering Bigpond. They are the worst ISP. If you are with them, go to a REAL ISP!


I myself have Bigpond cable (after a HUGE battle to get it connected) and find it suits me well enough -- as it should do, given its high price -- but it is true that their helpdesk staff have the usual "Blame the customer" attitude when things go wrong. And every time I have had a problem it has always emerged that it was NOT my fault. I have been writing computer programs for 40 years so I am not easily foxed by anything to do with computers. So I have always had to be very persistent (something I am good at!) in getting Bigpond staff to look into problems. Sometimes I have had to ring back several times until I get a reasonably decent staffer on the other end of the line. One of their helpdesk staff is named "Enoch". Ask for him if you can get him. He is really genuine and DOES kick problems upstairs to where they get fixed.


I Googled the above post a couple of hours after putting it up and Google already had it! Impressive.


Anonymous said...

Bigpond Tech support staff are terrible. They told me to start my computer 4 times within 20 minutes, when I was trying to explain to them that the problem was on their end, and that I was unable to access a variety of Americans - which were experienced by other Bigpond users as well. But, they refused to acknowledge the problem. I am glad that they are out of the NBN, and I don't they they deserve to get back in.

Anonymous said...

Get back at Bigpond. When you need to do a large download, go and label the incoming packets with the same IP as one of Bigpond's "unmetered" sites. Hey presto, free dowloads of any size that don't blow your usage. He, he, he, ha, ha ha.