Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Memo to Francis Croydon

Francis. I am putting this memo on the net only as I am pretty sure you will be reading it soon.

I have come across what seems to be yet another colossal piece of Telstra incompetence. I have tried several times to access my BigBlog site late at night and have found that it just will not come up -- even if I wait some time. I have tried accessing it from several points on the net but still with no success.

Is Telstra back in the Menzies era with an assumption that everybody who counts is in bed by 11pm Australian Eastern Time? Surely everyone knows that the internet is a 24 hour affair. It has to be. What is late at night in Australia is early morning in America -- and Americans DO read Australian sites.

So turning off BigBlog late at night is both bizarre and unprecedented in the world of blogging. I am hoping that it is only a temporary aberration, though. Could you get someone at BigBlog to ring me and tell me what the heck is going on?

I have of course saved everything on my BigBlog blog to disk and can easily recreate it on a more mature blogging platform if need be


John Ray

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