Saturday, December 15, 2007

Welcome to my new site for exposing the idiocies and arrogance of Australia's major telephone and cable provider

I have previously been blogging about them via their own "Bigblog" facility and from that some readers may vaguely recall something of the execrable services that they provide.

BigBlog was always a primitive affair but I have just found out that it is even more primitive that anyone could have imagined. They turn it off at night! That's right: It is only available during Australian daylight hours! Amazing that Australia's largest provider of internet services cannot keep its own blogs up and running 24 hours a day -- but that is the reality, folks.

Now that I have discovered that, I have of course moved camp and am now blogging here about them. I have already transferred below some of the more recent posts from the BigBlog site.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

TELSTRA is defrauding you.
Telstra is selling you products without disclosure of the terms and conditions and without disclosure of the fees and charges. Once you have made your purchase you have no recourse. If you choose not to have a voice, you also choose to inadvertently give Telstra this power. You have a voice. Together our voice becomes a roar. Lets use our voice to stop Telstra from victimising us.