Monday, December 17, 2007

A constructive suggestion

I imagine that those at Telstra who have had to deal with me consider me to be something of an enemy. They are dull enough for that. I myself think that I am one of their little helpers, though. I try to get them to improve their procedures and become more user-friendly. I am after all one of their shareholders -- dubious distinction though that is. Being a shareholder could get me into their AGM, though. That would be a ball!

Anyway, here is one more little way that BigBlog could upgrade what it does. It will only bring them into line with all other blogging services that I know of so it is not exactly a huge leap forward but it would help.

When you log on to BigBlog it has no memory. With most internet sites that you visit repeatedly, you just have to enter the first couple of letters of your username and the site immediately completes it. Not on BigBlog, though. You have to enter every last letter of your username and password every time. Quite primitive.

They are obviously bottom-of-the barrel programmers that run BigBlog but what I have just described is so common that it must be a library function by now. All they have to do is look it up.

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