Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Asleep at the wheel

Francis Croydon
CEO's Office

Re: mobile service 0448 285691


It is now over two weeks since I wrote to your Referral Centre but I have not as yet been favoured with a reply from them. Do you think you could gee them up? I had anticipated that an unsatisfactory reply from them might cause me to apply to the TIO but I had not anticipated that I might have to apply to the TIO just to get any reply at all out of them. Are you sure that is the way Telstra wishes to proceed? Please advise.

Note that I am a TLS shareholder (HIN X00036201355). That is of course no mark of distinction but it should get me into the next AGM. Immediately before the next AGM, therefore, you might wish to brief Mr Trujillo on the questions I might ask. I am sure he would be amazed to hear of the small-mindedness I have encountered. Or perhaps not. I imagine the media might be amused, though.

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