Saturday, December 22, 2007

Casualties of Telstra

Readers might be interested in a little bit of history. Some time in the '90s there was a group called COT ("Casualties of Telstra"). They consisted of businesspeople whose businesses had been severely harmed by the persistent failure of Telstra to provide them with a reliable landline service. Not many people had mobile phones at the time. COT was led by Brisbane high-end restaurateur Anne Garms, whose restaurant often failed to receive the bookings that people tried to phone in.

The COT protest ground on for some years, with Telstra resolutely refusing either to fix the problems or compensate the sufferers. The matters were finally resolved only when a Minister in the Howard government called a conference of all the affected parties -- including Telstra. I understand that everything was ironed out at the conference but I have never heard what the final details of the settlement were.

But that's how bad Telstra gets: You may have to get a top politician to intervene in order to get any semblance of decency and civility from them. And you can guess how rare it is to get that level of assistance. Anne Garms had good political connections or else she might still be whistling Dixie to this day.

There are some links about the appalling behaviour of Telstra in the matter here and here. They even managed to get one complainer committed to a mental institution! Shades of the Soviet union!

Telstra are at the moment at war with the Rudd government over Rudd's plan to expand broadband services so I think if I complained to the government about them, I might get a sympathetic hearing.


Anonymous said...

A Senate inquiry into the perjury and fraud committed by Telstra employees, directors, ministers etc involved in their cover-ups of corporate, legal profesion and public service fraud and perjury such as the fraud and perjury committed by Commonwealth of Australia paid public servants in relation to these outstanding CoT matter/s and also into the corrupt political appointments of various Judiciary involved in systemically assisting the conflict of interest law firms involved such as Mallesons Stephen Jaques to wilfully pervert and defeat the course of justice by in effect having retained the second solicitor-general in the Queensland Government the now Rudd Government appointed Federal Court Cheif Justice Patrick Anthony Keane QC who accepted conflicting second and third incomes from Telstra from 1999 forward and while corruptly accepting Telstra bribes acted in abuse of legal rocess, mislead judiciary etc while funded by Commonwealth of Australia's public funds to defeat and pervert the course of justice, yes these CoT matters are indeed very serious matters, so the voting public need to ask why are our past and present politicians aiding and abetting in preventing having such criminals indicted by our pollies refusing to have a proper Senate Inquiry?

The Informant said...

Patrick Anthony Keane QC is not a fit and proper man to remain on as a HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA JUDGE or to remain on as an officer of any courts he must be RECUSED for the rest of his natural life in June 2016 by the Governor-General exercising his prerogative powers to remove KEANE QC for life forthwith. See for RECUSAL NOTICES.