Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TO: FRANCIS CROYDON, CEO liason, Telstra


I said something nice about you on my blog yesterday. See here:


The blog now has quite a few links on the net so will gradually move up the Google page-rankings and thus be read by more and more people. Try googling "Francis Croydon" for instance.

I have not yet had any response from your Referral Centre. You will find a copy of my letter to them in my blog entry of Dec 3rd. You might consider ringing them and encouraging them to see the light. The amount of money involved is tiny and it will cost Telstra more and more in man-hours as this matter goes on. The TIO will be my next port of call if Telstra is pigheaded.

You might want to note my blog entry of Dec 5th. as as example of what I might write to the TIO.

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