Monday, December 3, 2007

The latest missive from Telstra

You can read it here

It did not scan in well so the wording is:

28 November 2007

Dear Dr Ray

I refer to your correspondence dated 24 November 2007.

It is accepted standard within the Telecommunications Industry to provide a limit on credits applied to all pre paid services in order to encourage use of these services.

Information regarding the usage of your Pre Paid Mobile service is easily accessible via Telstra Pre Paid Internet site:

If you are unable to access the relevant information our Mobile Consultants will assist further. They can be contacted via telephone 125111.

If you remain dissatisfied, the next step is to contact our Customer Referral Centre, where staff will arrange to have your concerns reviewed via our internal complaint process.

The Customer Referral Centre is contactable via telephone 1300 363 700 or by addressing your correspondence to:

The Customer Referral Centre
Locked Bag 5904
Sydney NSW 2001.

Francis Croydon
CEO Liaison Executive

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