Monday, April 6, 2009

Telstra complaints are up by 240 per cent under CEO Sol Trujillo

Why am I not surprised? Trujillo fired a lot of Telstra staff and helpline staff seem to have been among them. And that would explain the comment highlighted below -- a complaint that coincides with my experience

CUSTOMER complaints about Telstra's phone service rocketed by a massive 52 per cent in just 90 days, company statistics have revealed. And over the three-year reign of Telstra boss Sol Trujillo, complaint levels have risen by 241 per cent, figures from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman show.

Mr Trujillo has been paid about $30 million over the same period, and is to receive a $3 million golden handshake when he steps down in June. "It's frustrating because you can't get through and when you do no one can tell you anything," Telstra Bigpond customer Michael Murray told The Courier-Mail.

Between October last year and the end of 2008 Telstra received about 236 complaints a day, or nearly 10 an hour, about landline and mobile phone services over the three months, for a total of 21,283. In the previous three months the phone giant received 14,014 complaints.

Over the same period, complaints about Telstra's Bigpond internet service climbed 65 per cent, from 3382 to 5607. Mr Murray complained after his internet connection was down for four days last week, calling Telstra "10 to 12 times" asking when the problem would be fixed.

Telstra executive director of corporate complaints Chloe Monroe said the company "acknowledged these are not good results". She said the company had put more resources into taking customer calls. Ms Munroe said it would be "drawing a long bow" to see a connection between Mr Trujillo's time at the top and the number of complaints. [What or who else, then??]


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Unknown said...

Telstra is a painfully experience in Government stupidity!
To create such a powerful monopoly, owned by the Australian public, then steal it from them to redistribute to those of wealth who could afford shares.

Liabilities created through indecisive soft options and stagnation are, and will continue to the economies detriment.
Unfortunately this is not good for our current Government or us nationally!

Perhaps it’s more to do with inheritance and global economics than bad management by the currant Government, there were some pretty hard choices but if they fail we need to admit imperfection and try again! I do not see a majority that cares enough directly for the instigation of change but I will keep trying because I believe it is in the national interest to get it right.

I have 8 days before having my communications with the outside world severed!

I went through hell with Telstra
that resulted in me getting a satellite connection through the Australian Broadband Guarantee!

And the same Monopoly situation starts again